Tabitha Zapata

Hi! I am an owner of Macho Contracting, Macho Supply and Macho Estates. I was born in Colorado but primarily raised here in Arizona with a small pitstop in California.

The majority of my background has been in architecture, plumbing, wastewater and marketing. I am three generations deep in the plumbing field and four generations in blue collar. PROUD BLUE COLLAR and no it's not offensive.

It's easy to glorify ones paper accomplishments which I will summarize as two degrees, a handful of licenses and several certifications (which I am always adding to). In the overall construction field though, experience and skill are more important!

I have taken a number of detours in life but all of them have led right back to plumbing and wastewater. Today I manage the overall day to day operations of our companies and I still do some fieldwork!

What I Do

NAWT Inspector

National Association of Wastewater Technicians certification and continuing education.”The NAWT level of inspection is at the operation level. It requires the inspector to locate and identify all parts of the onsite treatment system. Then the inspector needs to assess the condition of each part and determine whether it is operating properly or if there are system deficiencies to be corrected. To do this requires that all parts of the system be accessible and opened for inspection. This includes septic tanks, pump chambers, pretreatment media filters, aerobic treatment units and soil treatment units.”

Soil & Site Evaluator

Registered Soil & Site Evaluator for ADEQ

Manufacturer Specific Installer

Conventional Systems

Alternative Systems: Presby, Delta – Ecopod, Clearstream

Licensed Realtor

Desert Dream Realty

Phoenix Association of Realtors

Project Manager




AS Computer Drafting & Design

BA Social Science


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