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Every Agent is different. Each one will have the foundational tools to execute a property transfer properly. Ask questions and get to know the Agent a little. What is their experience like? If they are new, don’t be adverse. Ask if the Broker is partnering with them. Many new agents work directly with the Broker or a more experienced Agent. You would essentially be getting two Agents for the price of one. Sift and see if personalities work.

Once you find the Agent that fits you be prepared to sign a Listing Agreement or a Buyer -Broker Agreement. Depending on whether you are listing your house to sell or purchasing a property will determine which one you sign.

There are a few steps you need to have checked off BEFORE you look at homes. 

  1. Pre-Qualified
  2. Pre-Approved
  3. Loan Commitment

Steps 1 and 2 need to be completed by you. Step 3 is just before closing.

It’s time to look around. Plan your search, visit properties, and choose your home. Your Agent will arrange everything. Let them.

Depending on the market you may need to be mentally prepared to look at multiple homes.

It’s time to write an offer with your Agent. Once you send an offer the seller may counter with different terms. You can choose to accept or reject the offer. (Don’t forget about that earnest money.)

When your offer is accepted, your Agent will open escrow and deposit your earnest money. You now enter into a specified time frame where a good deal of tasks need to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Once an offer has been accepted you are officially in an Executory Contract.

Performing the home inspection, negotiating repairs and reviewing all documents and reports on the property occur now.

Your lender and Escrow Officer will arrange appraisal and garner/forward documents necessary to close.

Almost there! It’s time to sign documents with Escrow. This can be in the Escrow office, at an outside location or it could be virtual. The Seller and Buyer will schedule their signings separately. You will need to give your down payment in the form of a cashier’s check. Your Real Estate Agent should attend signing with you.

Once complete, your lender will review signed documents and transfer funds to the seller.

Escrow will record the sale through the county Recorder’s Office.

Keys to your house are now in your hand! Go create your home.

About Tabitha

Tabitha Zapata provides a full service, conflict-free, residential real estate experience. Founded on the principle that transparency, quality of service and long-term business relationships are the key to success. Tabitha can see past the deal at hand and focus her energy on the long-term sustainability and growth of each individual client.

Weather your dream is a large estate, horse property or just a great new home, Tabitha will work to find you exactly what you want. Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, North Phoenix or anywhere in the valley. Professionalism & dedication to fill the needs that you want, not what you have to settle for or what someone else say’s you need.

Working within the Phoenix Metro market for the past two decades, her experience coupled with extensive market knowledge will assist in defining an ideal location and negotiating the very best.

Tabitha Zapata Your Luxury Realtor

What Are You Looking For?

Each real estate transaction is dependent on market conditions, your finances and timing, where you want to be, and your needs and desires. As an adept Agent I steer through the markets changes find solutions, work through speed bumps, even find a new direction, if need be.

If you’d like to talk about your potential in today’s market, give me call. I’m a trusted guide.


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