Tabitha Zapata PLLC

May 2020

A Little About Phoenix

Great article by Grace Oldham at the Arizona Republic about the evolving downtown Phoenix and why Phoenix is laid out (or planned out) the way it is. Over the last 40-50 years Phoenix has developed around village cores, urban nodes, or mini city centers throughout the Valley. She has 15 list but probably more will be added in the decades to come, or expanded, as more people call Phoenix Metro their...

The Rhymes of the Valley’s Zip Codes

If you have lived in Phoenix any length of time you know that the city is laid out in a grid. Squares of 1 mile. Major streets (or major thorough-ways) run every mile in each cardinal direction. Minor streets every mile in between. If you know anything about Baselines and Meridians than you basically have the makeup or layout of the Valley. The Arizona baseline is Baseline Road and runs west/east....

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