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Ready to sell? Or mulling it over?

Here are a few things to consider…

  • Home Value
  • Home Improvements
  • Prepping Your House
  • Finding a Realtor
  • Transitioning to a new home

Know the value of your home. Get your home valued! Are you in a position to sell? What are the reasons for selling?

Home Improvements
Replace, repair and update. Repair anything that you have lived with because you got used to it. Replace dated items (if possible). Update with paint, trim, fixtures, hardware, etc!

Prep Work
When you are ready to sell then it’s time to prep the house. Declutter, clean, clear out items that are personal and store away valuables.

Find a Realtor that jives with you but ALSO one that will have your back. When a Real Estate Agent is protecting your interests it’s peace of mind you can’t buy.

That New Home Smell
Buying and selling in the same window of time can be stressful so make sure you have all financials in order. Understand that many people will be through your home. Interested buyers and their Realtors, Inspectors, an Appraiser and probably a couple Servicemen. The more you have prepared the better for your new home transition.

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